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Video > HD - TV shows
1.12 GiB (1200858745 Bytes)
2009-02-03 04:42:46 GMT

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Thanks is there a non-rar version?

I really don't understand why people still rar this. The compression advantage is less than 1%.

Backup in the days people used to rar it per 1.44mb, because of disks. But that was 12-15 years ago!
Please google shit before spilling your retarded opinions.. If you knew what you where talking about, you wouldnt ask the goddamn question!
Yeah! If you found out your >1Gb file was corrupted you'd be furious.

At least downloading a single replacement for a 50 MEG rar file is quicker.
I don't mind rar files, but 1 GB takes about 15 minutes, soon less then 5 minutes in most countries to download today. So it's backwards using rars, at least 5 years.
All I get is that the rar versions have better Seed:Leech ratios, which in my case means faster downloads. I just got this torrent in less than 7 minutes. It was running just over 1.9 MB per second. Highly doubt I would have had that with the 10000 leaches on the .mkv version.
There is no reason to reload a 50 Mbit part for bittorrent. This was true for crappy protocols like DC that had no integrity checking. Bittorrent checksums all parts it downloads and if one part is buggy, it just downloads it again. Parts are usually less than 1 Mbyte big so it is fast. If a file gets corrupted after it is downloaded you can just tell your bittorrent client to download it again and it will just download the broken parts. So for bittorrent, breaking into rar files has no purpose whatsoever. It is a leftover from DC.
Well, I'm not complaining, it only takes a minute to unpack the file. In the meanwhile I can go take a leak (sure, it doesn't take long, but I do also wash my hands unlike some quicky barbarians!) or make a couple of sandwiches. Or read the latest news from web.

Eitherway, over time I've grown grateful to AiTB's quality torrents and the quality by far overrides the problem of uncompressing the file.
Part of the reason it goes fast to unpack it is because it is not compressed, only "stored", i.e. split up. Scene releases are not allowed to be compressed rars (correct me if I'm wrong).

... which goes back to johnburk. The compression ration is actually (should be) 0%. ;)
hmpb, and how do you know for sure that the uploader that extracted the rar file did not mess up and corrupt the file along the way? He could have faulty blocks on his harddrive, bad RAM or whatever?
No, I take the original rar files over something else any day, nothing else is good enough for me.